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                       Leesa Hagen
   TigerEyz40 Spirit Communications

    ~  International and Celebrity Psychic 
    ~  Tarot Card Reader
    ~  Clairvoyant
    ~  Feng Shui Consultant

Leesa is a professional psychic and spiritual mentor. She has been reading over 30 years.  Leesa has compassion and gently shares information and messages.

She also incorporates feng shui, astrology and numerology in her readings giving you the best scope of helpful information to make great decisions.

Schedule your session today!

Call or text:  732-925-8884


Rates: - $ 36. USD for 30 minute session


            - $ 69. USD for 60 minute session 



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Areas covered include:
Couple Holding Hearts


Feng Shui Your Home and Business for Success and Harmony


Career: New Opportunities and Promotion

Love and Relationships

Leesa's new book is available on Amazon!

She offers many ways to improve your love life through Feng Shui. It is an ancient philosophy working with energy (chi).

You will also learn how to improve your wealth, health and much more!

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